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Here are the group and single works that the participants have elaborated and presented during the training courses organized in the framework of the MARS Project.

Intensive training course “International protection and rights of minors in the European Union”


1. The protection of minors in the EU context: urgent matters and challenges (G. BONESCHI;  F. GRAZIANI; D. MOVILEANU;  D.RIGONI)

2. The access to the asylum procedure and the non-refoulement principle (A. DE NICOLA; S. IACUZZI; G. PIZZOLINI;  F. ROSSI; G. SANTOMAURO)

3. The best interest of the child: a multidisciplinary perspective (G. BERGAMINI; E. CARACCIOLO; F. CEREGHETTI; N. KATSIASHVILI; O. UZUREAU)

4. The children’s right to be heard and the credibility assessment in the asylum procedures (E. BROGLIA; M. DELLA GIOVANNA;  M. IACOPINI; E. MENICHETTI; I. SOMMARUGA)

5. The reception of migrant and refugee children (E. BOLCO; S. BOUMAKDI; D. BURBA; F. FULLONE)

6. The role of an effective guardianship for the protection of children’s rights (G. BASSANI; G. BRIGANTI; G. GULLACE; C. MARTELLI; M. SEMPREBON)

7. The new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum and the children’s protection (I. MOIOLI; F. MORGANTE;  F. PIZZO; E. PULVIRENTI; L. SILVESTRI)

8. Migrant children in detention: Law vs. Member States' practice (A. CICCARELLI;  M. GAMBI; G. PELIZZO; M. TOMMASINI; E. ZANGRANDI)